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Welcome to our site!

WeDo! is a unique concept of supporting business.  WeDo!'s activities are part of The Dutch Foundation EMM based in EINDHOVEN



[December 5, 1990]
The Dutch Foundation initiated.

[July 05, 2001]

Laws regarding Foundations are changing rapidly. As well as the entertainment industry. In order to keep the foundation whealty new activities are launched. To keep up with the changing idustries the foundation explores the inside knowledge to help other companys in their business.

[July 15, 2005]

Knowledge Management, somehow looses it's connection with the main goal. Therefore WeDo! changes moreover into interim management to help companies to overcome sudden changes in Growth (as well as in actual size as in sales) or any other milestone in the existence of an enterprise whenever they need extra expertise and power.


New website launched

[March 1,2015]

Support at Public Tenders

About this site

What WeDo! Do is what we do and how we do it.

WeDo! Consultancy  is as WeDo! Productions, WeDo! Records and WeDo! Gifts related to the Dutch Foundation EMM.

This Foundation was founded by G. Tiersma en Ed Ploeg back in 1990 in order to start a museum in Eindhoven Holland. A lot has changed since then.

In 1991 G. Tiersma left the foundation and with inspirational help of the late Tonny Boonen, Ed Ploeg developed the WeDo! concept in 1998.

In 2001 after graduation at Nyenrode University, The Dutch Business Shool, WeDo! Consultancy was added to our services.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise WeDo! Consultancy has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

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